Friday, February 18, 2011

Refresh: Part II

Hello friends.  I'm writing to you surrounded by Fig's newly refreshed brand thoughtfully created by Meagan Geer Designs.  I can't tell you how happy and lucky I am to have worked with Meagan and to have established a more concrete branding structure for Fig Studio- a structure we'll be using for years to come.  I've been fortunate enough to be able to continually invest in the studio and see it grow with every passing day.  Thank you for supporting me on this journey as Fig continues to evolve and adapt.
What I've loved best about starting Fig Studio is my ability to showcase and establish my personal style, experiment with color/texture/balance, and design all aspects of the business...right down to the notebooks I use.  I do, however, know my limits and my d.i.y. attempts at graphics and branding just weren't cutting it. Just like that moment you realized you needed to call me instead of taking on that kitchen remodel yourself.  I admired Meagan's sense of style and knew she would guide my brand to the place I was trying to take it over the past two years:  Clean, simple, meaningful, and indicative of where the name Fig originated.  In phase two of my work with Meagan, we are going to dive deeper into Fig's origins and carefully illustrate the meaning of the name.  You'll be surprised to learn it has nothing to do with fruit, and everything to do with design.  Until then, keep up with the studio here on Fig Notes, where I'll be sharing all of the going's on here in my NW Portland office.