Monday, January 31, 2011

Illuminate Color: Satsuma

Photo and styling by Fig.  Bowl by Heath Ceramics.

1. Yolo Colorhouse // Stone .04
2. Yolo Colorhouse // Water .05
3. Benjamin Moore // Buttered Yam // AF-230
4. Benjamin Moore // Boreal Forest // AF-480

Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend: Outside

 Netarts Bay Crabbing.  Photos by Fig.

Taking advantage of good weather on the Oregon Coast is a critical tactic used to battle the winter gray day blues.  Catching a bounty of Dungeonous & Rock Crabs on the coast is practically like winning the lottery.  Last weekend felt very rich indeed...   What are your weekend plans? 

Hunt & Gather: Etch

We're loving Tom Dixon's new Etch Light in Brass.  A decidedly more sophisticated solution to the bare bulb kit.  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hunt & Gather: Scenes from The Good Mod

After a stop at Portland Powder Coating to pick out the perfect shade of white for a custom marble and steel dining table, I detoured to the nearby warehouse location of The Good Mod.  Well curated and laid out, the 7,000 sq.ft. showroom has a striking collection of unusual seating, case goods, and decorative accessories.  A friendly staff member greeted me and gave me a primer on a pair of first-edition Eames fiberglass chairs, which sadly had to leave in the showroom.  I'm headed back to the showroom this Sunday the 30th for the MCM League's meeting featuring local legend, Saul Zaik.  Checkout TGM's Facebook page for more info.  See you there?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Portfolio: Garage Sale + Luxury

Photos by Fig

This fabulous garage sale find is now ready for the ball with this gorgeously detailed Kelly Wearstler textile.  Deep ebony lines create a rich graphic quality from a distance, while the subtle shimmer of gold thread add dimensional layers of detail.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Speaking of Wood...

As I continued to catch up on my Joinery reading, I was pleasantly surprised to see photos of our family's petite rocking chair getting all spruced up.  As oral history accounts, it was made by my Great-Grandfather, used by my Grandfather, Aunt, Cousin, Mother, and me.  The chair is over a Century old and Jeff and I look forward to making it part of our household when we have kids.  Of course, it is made to be used by very small children and is decidedly delicate because of it's age.  When I was about 5, I decided I needed to squeeze into it one last can guess the rest.

It sat in my mom's garage for well over 20 years, slowly and painfully aging in various stages of freeze, thaw, and blistering heat.  You can imagine it's condition when I brought it's shattered remains to the Joinery for help.  I wanted to give my mom a special present for Christmas this year, and I knew this would be well received.  The Joinery took extra special care of our family heirloom and fixed it up to it's rightful condition.  It still has many scratches and dings but that's what makes it ours.  Every blemish tells a story and we're looking forward to adding quite a few more with our children.

Glimpse & Gander: Wooden Bicycles + Stands

If you're in the Woodstock neighborhood, swing by The Joinery and checkout their mini collection of FSC certified wood-framed bikes by Portland's Renovo (2's a collection, right?).

Though I think the bikes are pretty sweet, what really caught my eye were the beautiful stands on which they are displayed.  Perfect for the apartment dweller, these stands are handmade by The Joinery and are available in a single or split-base configuration.  Kickstand no more.  

Monday, January 10, 2011

Event: Remodeling 101

Bozich Residence remodel by Giulietti/Schouten

Dave Giulietti with Giulietti/Schouten Architects
Remodeling 101: De-Mystifying the Process  
A Saturday Seminar for Our Neighbors
Saturday January 22nd and 10am
Reservations Required: 503-223-0325
Free Event

If you are considering remodeling your home, whether it's simply replacing some windows, trying to decide if it's time to sell and move on or gutting your home entirely, Dave Giulietti, founding partner of Giulietti/Schouten Architects will de-mystify the whole remodeling process for you during the Saturday morning seminar at his office.

Topics Covered

Goals and Scope Development
Needs Assessment 
Master Planning
Design Process
Style and Taste
Budget and Costs
Bidding Process
Zoning Codes
Building Codes
General Contractors
Sub Contractor

For the un-experienced homeowner, just the thought of a remodel can be overwhelming.  Dave will walk through the entire process, show you examples and answer your questions with the knowledge and experience he has gained in working on hundreds of remodeling projects since 1987.   

Be sure to checkout the GS blog for future event listings.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Glimpse & Gander: Multnomah Falls In Winter

 Photo by Fig.

My first entry in my new journal recorded a short trip to the Gorge on New Year's Day.  My husband and I were not feeling so hot for the last few days and really needed something to help rejuvenate our bodies and spirits.  Our go-to spot for revitalization is the Bonneville Spa in Stevenson, WA.  For $35 you get your own private claw-foot tub, complete with a carafe of mineral water from the source and some grapes to ease the not-so-wonderful-but-oh-so-good-for-you mineral taste.  30 mins in the super hot mineral soak, then 30 mins in a super tight wrap in the relaxation room leaves you with little on your mind and a brand new outlook for the day.

Our usual Gorge outings pass Multnomah Falls with little thought, but on this day we knew we were in for a special treat only seen during an extended cold spell.  Layers of crisp white ice outlined the water's path and and the lagoon-colored pool at the base- a magical sight to behold and not to be missed. 

 Photo by Fig.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hunt & Gather: Journaling

 photo by fig

True, a blog is technically a journal, but when you blog for your business a lot of things you wish you could write about go unsaid.  Enter Le Pen and Le Paper.  I started jotting down a few short notes at the end of each day in my new 5-year diary, gifted by the wonderful guys over at Canoe.  Anything goes when you are writing for yourself, so when that pesky condo neighbor wakes you up at 3am, you can put it down on paper and let it go.  Affirmations are also the perfect way to close the day and put your rambling mind to rest.  

 photo by the ice plant

The best part about this particular diary is the format:  As each year passes, you can see what you were doing on that day exactly one year ago.  See where life takes you and where you've been in an instant.