Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Glimpse & Gander: Garibaldi Charters

We began the day gently motoring through the Garibaldi harbor, admiring the weather-worn crafts surrounded in fog.  The water was deceptively calm and the light wind surprisingly warm-- I momentarily felt like I was on a set of a teenage slasher flick.  As we entered the jetty we all realized we were in for a wild ride: small craft advisory has a whole new meaning after this trip.  We watched the Coast Guard escort being tossed around like a play-toy and the waves slamming into the shoreline rocks.  Captain Mick confidently guided us out past the bar and assured us we were all going to live to tell the tale.  The sun quickly rose to reveal a perfect Oregon Coast day, and an ideal trip to celebrate my architect-husband's 30th birthday. 

I've never had the chance to view the vast Oregon coastline from the Ocean's perspective.  We are so lucky that we don't have high-rise hotels and condos blocking the majestic view.  We saw the Cape Mears lighthouse, Oceanside, and Manzanita during our 6-hour tour.  Check out KID Collective's perspective here and Scott & Heather's here.

The crew at Garibaldi Charters gave us a great adventure and memories for a lifetime.  Some of us are a little worse for wear in this photo, but we're all glad we can add this to our list of life's accomplishments.  We cooked up some of our catch that night- Ocean to plate in 6 hours is an incredible luxury I hope we never see come to an end.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Texture: Oregon Coast

Photos by Fig

My trusty Toms took me all over the Oregon Coast this summer: up dunes, across tide pools, and between crusty barnacles.  The Northwest coast is all about texture, both visual and physical, with a heaping dose of truthful beauty.  Thanks to the '67 beach bill, we're lucky to have public beaches welcoming all walks of life, including beautifully bright orange starfish and designers like me.  My next trip to the coast includes a chartered fishing trip, where I plan to soak up the rain, try my hand at ocean fishing, and catch my limit in tasty Dungeness Crabs.  Until then, I have a mass of project details to develop, a furniture package ready to fill a townhome, and several finished projects to document.  Cheers to the weekend!

Fig Studio

Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekend Escape

 Photo by Fig : Our fire lookout adventure in the Oregon Outback

I can't seem to go anywhere without analyzing the space around me, the texture of materials I come in contact with, or the quality of balance in a room.  Good interior designers are always working, always learning, and always seeing what others overlook.  I'm allowing an escape this weekend: tucking my projects into the back of my mind until Tuesday morning when I greet them with a renewed vigor.  Some much needed outdoor adventure is planned, a couple of movies from my archive, and the start of a new running plan designed by Mr. Guggenheim. 

What does this holiday weekend have in store for you?