Monday, February 7, 2011

Let's Eat: New Scandinavian Cooking

Confession:  Preparing a multi-course meal on the back of a riverboat in chilly Norway sounds more appealing to me than dining at a five-star restaurant.  New Scandinavian Cooking is my newfound kindred spirit, and I'm excited to learn all it has to offer.  Clearly cooking has become my idea of fun, not a chore to check off of my list...yes, mom, I can now do more than heat up a Hot Pocket.

Tina Nordstrom is my favorite chef on the show.  Her enthusiasm for Dill Weed and Crayfish is infectious and she always gives such practical and interesting advice.  She'll setup this incredible outdoor kitchen in a few minutes time and prepare a gorgeous spread of Scandinavian treats.  No lingonberry sauce or meatballs here-- it's all very creative and respectful of all Scan traditions while pushing forward with new ideas.  

Chef Andreas also offers up plenty of sage advice- he's makes even the most mundane topic seem interesting and has an anyone-can-do-this attitude.   What could be prettier than dining among the trees (and sheep)?  

See you on the river.


Thoughts for the day said...

At first I thought you were on another adventure then I realized this was a cooking show. silly me.
take care

shannonbulloch said...

My mom and I took a Scandinavian themed cooking class. My favorite was a potato leek soup with Salmon and dill and cardomom sweet rolls.

Fig Studio Interior Design said...

I love the potato + leek combination- always a favorite!