Monday, February 21, 2011

Local: The Art of the Camera

I ran across Mottweiler Studio this morning (I won't get into the dominoes that lead me there) and was surprised to learn that Portland has an incredible resource for handmade Pinhole and Stereoscopic cameras.  I'm particularly enthralled with the P.90 pictured above. Take a peek at Kurt's work here


Anonymous said...

These are super nifty cameras! I'm on my way to owning a great canon in a couple of weeks for my birthday. I can hardly wait! I'm always envious of the great shots you take. I bet these cameras take super awesome and unique shots!

Fig Studio Interior Design said...

Cameras are excellent birthday gifts! I always love seeing what's going on at Afton- keep taking great shots. PS- I got three friends to sign up for the metro buying club! Bring on the bacon!