Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Illuminate Color: The Life Aquatic

Access to a good waterproof camera is priceless when you're swimming above underwater landscapes like the ones in Hawaii.  I was able to capture the bright, vivid colors unique to the Islands with ease.  Traveling gives us the unique opportunity to retrieve and archive inspiration from sights normally reserved for pages in a magazine.

The above photos were taken within a five minute swim out into Kapalua Bay's warm, still water.

1.  Farrow and Ball // Studio Green // 93
2.  Farrow and Ball // Arsenic //214
3.  Farrow and Ball // Tunsgate Green //250
4.  Yolo Colorhouse // Petal // .06

Thursday, May 26, 2011

In a Heartbeat

SASAKI in action via Dwell on Design
Dwell on Design 2011:  tickets are purchased and the excitement builds.  My friend Casey and I are headed to LA at the end of June to seek inspiration, see what's new in Dwell's design world, and tour a few fabulously modern homes.  If that isn't enough, we have the chance to see and possibly participate in SASAKI'S Heartbeat drawing; a live art installation benefiting Japan's relief efforts.   

"People are being connected with one another through the heartbeats..."
This is a way that people from all over the world can purely feel their 'living'. This is... to feel 'heartbeat'. This is an artwork of ripples that SASAKI feels the rhythm of a real time heart beating of the participants by putting a sensor on their fingertips. This HEARTBEAT DRAWING is a 'connect' with all the visitors' proof of living"
"Heartbeat-Portraits in Chiyoda" 2010, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan via HEARTBEAT DRAWING

The rich story behind SASAKI'S art is mesmerizing, inspiring, and beyond meaningful.  I'm truly grateful to have the opportunity to seek design inspiration in such an amazing city and to be surrounded by some incredible creatives.  I'll be sharing our journey as it unfolds.  Until then, I have a heap of fun projects to complete!

Until next time,
Jenny @ Fig

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

FIG. STUDIO Happenings

 PHOTO BY FIG - Travel Tip: an underwater camera in Hawaii is priceless!

Turtle sightings, sandy toes, and Plumerias were just a few elements that made my Maui trip both restful and exhilarating.  I spent plenty of time absorbing the sun, reading Bossypants, and perfecting my standup paddleboard technique.  I am thankful to have had the opportunity to travel, and even more thankful that Fig is starting out the month of May with a few new projects on the boards:  Furnishing a high-rise Pearl apartment for a young Seattleite turned Portlander, designing a mid-century inspired entertainment room in Portland's Montclair neighborhood, and helping a young couple adjust their home's surroundings to accommodate their growing family.

Next to design, travel is my most prized passion in life.  Everytime I explore a new place, swim with some creature of the deep, or taste a local specialty, I gather infinite inspiration for my life and work back home.  The photo above is the perfect example of how to find color inspiration in everyday life or in a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Textures, flavors, colors, patterns.  It's all there. 

Until next time,