Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Consistency in Graphics: The Website

Our save-the-dates directed our invitees to check out our event website to get a better idea of what to expect and hopefully answer some of the questions that probably popped into their heads. Where is this, exactly? I wonder if I should think about making flight plans now?

The site's graphics carried the bird + branch theme seamlessly and helped set the tone for the rest of our printed materials.

Our homepage featured one of the shots Jeff's dad took during our impromptu engagement session in Bend, OR (actually, most visits paid to The Guggenheims also include some sort of photo session!) This was all done in-house within about 16 hours time. It helps to have a clear vision and pre-selected colors and graphics...again, consistency really saves you a lot of time in the end!

We created these great little rollover birds as a navigation tool throughout the site. Peeps! is our link to showoff our wedding party and families.

We've had great response to our custom site, but don't be discouraged if you're not web savvy. There are plenty of great wedding templates for brides and grooms! The idea is to communicate clearly, whether your site is custom tailored to you or you choose a free pre-made page. The Knot, eWedding, and Wedding Channel have great affordabe options! If you have a few extra dollars and a few extra days, shoot us an e-mail and we can talk about some of the options available to customize your site and domain name!