Friday, July 17, 2009

Consistency in Graphics: The Invitation

The invitation can take many forms, and can undoubtedly be overwhelming for those going through the process of choosing for the first time. If you're tired of seeing the same old card stock with vellum topper, you're in luck. Over the past few years, accessibility to well designed, modern invitations has exploded. Thanks to Wedding Paper Divas and Paper Source, thousands of affordable options are at your fingertips.

On the other side of the coin, you are likely to have may local options available (esspecially if you are in PDX). Consider this a gift to your community. Supporting local artisits and shops benefits everyone, so pound the pavement a bit, meet with some people, and make an informed decision.

We chose to go the custom route, designing our own and having them printed locally. Again, our friends over at B&B Print Source gave us a beautiful finished product. We knew we wanted to avoid the cost of extra postage, so taking that into account, we limited ourselves to two pieces of heavywight paper. To add extra interest to an otherwise plain envelope, we designed a wrap-around return address label with plenty of room for the invitees' calligraphy address.

The invitation contains all the usual suspects...who, what, when, and where. The second piece includes the RSVP card and our website URL reminder. A simple perforated line separates the two, allowing the guest to keep the website information and send the card back to us.

We are thrilled with the final product and glad we carried our chosen graphic language throughout the entire suite of printed materials and the website. We've had such great response from our guests and can't wait to show them a good time on the big day!

Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said...


I actually learned something from this post! (Also, I spoke to some of the office people about your ideas for consistency in graphics -- how that helps pull an event together -- and they were impressed. Especially the thematic consistency -- aspens and birds! -- that you used for your own wedding. Wow. One week to go! We're very excited. The rock band, He Is Legend, performs in S.F. Friday night and then hits the road directly for Bend. They will drop off cousin Gretchen in Bend at Cheryl and her sisters' hotel for a little rest and to get dressed for the wedding. It's coming together!