Monday, July 13, 2009

Consistency in Graphics

Creating a unified suite of printed goods for your event truly adds rich dimension and communicates a clear theme. For a wedding, save-the-dates are often more casual or funky, but consider carrying your overall theme into these short notes. It can set the tone for the event and get your guests excited right out of the gate. Likewise, use your invitations as a tool to communicate what your wedding will be like. Is it formal and traditional or creative and cutting edge? For our wedding, we chose to carry the bird + branch theme throughout all of our printed and online goods. I know it's challenging to commit to a theme or look, but you'll love the results when you see it through to the end! Trust me, guests will be impressed with your thoughtfulness and even consistent DIY projects can pass as professional.

This week is all about graphics, using our Guggenheim/Conway wedding suite as an example. We'll start with the first element sent to our guests, the hand-carved save-the-date:

Our save-the-date postcards were printed as a gift by our friends at B&B Print Source in Tigard, OR. If you don't have a good local option, try Zazzle or Moo for a great deal on two-sided postcards with graphics and text of your choice.