Friday, May 1, 2009

There's only one kind of PDA allowed at a wedding, people

Dear Guests,

Hi. So I have to bring this up. I took a stroll through the Speidi pics Feather Love posted recently. Really beautiful images, really. Feather Love, you are awesome. But something bothered me. All I could focus on was the iPhones and Blackberrys in everyone's hands. We need to have a talk...

I don't want to go all Emily Post on you, but when you're at a wedding or reception, you should leave your data assistant in your clutch or in the car. How terrible would it be to look through your photos from the night and see everyone so disengaged and self-consumed that they don't appear to care that they are present to celebrate this milestone in your life? I know I don't. I realize this is a celebrity D-list wedding and publicity stunt, but just think about it next time you start to pull out that digital security blanket. That is all.



Heather - one love said...

so with you on this one. leave them out the car at dinner parties, holidays and talent shows for that matter!