Monday, May 25, 2009

New Sponsor :: Jasmine Photography

A warm welcome to our new sponsor, Jasmine Photography!

Founded in 2003, Portland-based Jasmine Photography is committed to providing great images, unique products, fabulous customer service, and above-all, fun!

Alexis Achten, Jasmine Photography’s owner and lead photog, gives her clients simple, elegant, and fashion-inspired images. “Most of my clients come to me a bit nervous to have their photo taken. I've been told how relaxed and easy I make the sessions, which brings out their true smile and personality. Besides making my clients feel at ease, years of experience photographing events helps me give my clients advice on how their timeline could unfold. I'm a true believer of keeping in touch with my clients as well, whether by phone or email I am here whenever they need to chat,” Alexis says.

Alexis is dedicated to blending into the background when photographing an event; “ I would never walk up to the altar during the ceremony to get a shot!”

Though Jasmine Photography offers comprehensive event packages, Alexis recommends couples customize a package to meet their needs. Adding an engagement session, a custom album, or an additional photographer are the most popular options.

A successful wedding has to do with good communication, keeping me informed with any details that are important to them on the big day. I also believe having an engagement session before the wedding helps puts them at ease for their portraits on the wedding day.

Favorite image? Just one? That is so hard, I love images from each event for different reasons. How about this image from Nate & Jessica's wedding. We had just finished up taking their images when some young kids across the river yelled to them, "Congratulations!". I saw them both turn to look and snapped it!

Jasmine Photography travels beyond Oregon to shoot destination weddings in places like British Columbia, Seattle, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Utah, and Las Vegas. Alexis captured this unique shot for clients Mat and Alana in Vegas!

I shoot all my images in raw format, edit them and adjust exposure, do any color correction needed and a bit of sharpening. After that I will hand select which images I want to keep color and which I want to turn to black and white. After that is completed I will go through all the final images one by one and apply a few special processing to the bride and groom shots. The rest I keep very natural looking.

We’ll leave you with an image captured at one of Alexis’ favorite event experiences, Tenzing & Kunsang’s traditional Tibetan wedding ceremony. I love the fresh, bright colors and the beautiful textures in her ceremonial gown. Certainly a unique wedding experience for any photographer!

Don’t forget to check out Alexis’ wedding blog, Simply Chic weddings. Stay tuned for a feature post on this great Portland resource!