Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Egg Press Work and Whirl Film

I love this wonderful little film on the art of letterpress. Watch as an Egg Press original hand drawn design moves through production!

from the company's website:

Please go see it as it is a very sweet and fun
glimpse into our operation and the joys of letterpress. The
film was shot, directed and edited by Rob Tyler, a Portland
filmmaker known for his work on the documentary “A Thing
of Wonder” and his other film shorts such as “Color +
Modulation” and “Novice Robots.”

All the hands shown in the film are those of the actual Egg
Press designers and printers and every ounce of the film
was shot in our studio in Portland, Oregon. Additionally,
our screenprinter and production artist, Danny Seim,
scored the film. While Danny is pretty famous in our
studio as local friend and funny guy, he’s pretty well
known outside our studio as one very prolific and talented
musician for both Menomena and Lackthereof.

To sum it up: We think you’ll enjoy this little treat—upon
first viewing it brought tears to our eyes.

-Egg Press