Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sister Magazine

By Amanda Rickenbach

The sister's idea - sisterMAG is a new digital magazine for widely interested, active women. Regularly we will cover topics ranging from Career, Technology, Future Trends to Fashion, Lifestyle, Traveling and DIY. Women's magazines have always mirrored social movements and developments in their content and foci of coverage. With sisterMAG we want to target a group of females which has been neglected by traditional publishing houses and editorial departments: the many up-and-coming, well-educated, very active and independent women, which are enthusiastic for the digital world and want to be presented with new and exciting content in a visually appealing way. (From the sisterMAG website.)

The sister blog is pretty fun to check out too. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Nur ein bisschen? They are located in Germany but don't fret, you can click the English button at the bottom of the page to understand all the interesting things they have to say.