Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hunt and Gather: Sholten & Baijings

 By Amanda Rickenbach

Sholten & Baijings is a Danish textile and product design firm. They work with traditional crafts, such as hand-painted work, screen printing, willow braiding and glass-blowing.  Their minimalist designs use colors, layers, transparency, grids, structure, textures, and patterns to create interesting and simplistic projects.

I love the way they combined pastels and vibrant colors on the modern color block quilt - perfect for hitting the hay! Color block is all the rage right now, as is ombre, which is a French word for gradation. The ombre effect on these lights is sweet and simple; a great way to bring just a little pop of color into a space. I wonder what they look like illuminated?

They are famous for their paper porcelain - a porcelain series in which models are formed out of paper or cardboard and then used as molds to create the porcelain pieces. You can see the tape marks and folds. Neat right? One of my favorite pieces is the felted ball rug. They are made out of 100% felted wool and then hand-stitched together. The hand-stitching aside, have you ever felted before? I have, and it is a ton of work. I can't imagine creating an entire rug! I can imagine owning one though, they are beautiful.

For Sholten & Baijings it isn't about getting from A to B, it's about the process and how they get there.