Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pinterest - A Tool For Clients

By Amanda Rickenbach & Jenny Guggenheim

Are you on Pinterest? It has swiftly taken the world by storm - but if you haven't figured out what all the hype is about, read on for a few tips.

Have you ever ripped pages out of magazines and put them in a binder or on a pin-board? Pinterest is pretty much the same thing– sans paper cuts. Say you are cruising Hive's webshop and you see a funky side chair you can't live without,  just click your PIN button and suddenly it’s a part of a designated inspiration board. It’s as easy as that!  Fig. keeps boards to help organize tear sheets, product descriptions, architectural details, and general inspiration for later reference.  We also keep client boards to help wrangle in ideas as we collect them.

It can be challenging for clients to articulate how they want their space to look and feel without the use of visual aids. With Pinterest, designers can pin ideas to boards for clients to see; but it’s also a fantastic tool for clients to use because they can create inspiration boards for their space and start pinning their wish list! Clients can brainstorm side-by-side with their designer to reach the best possible results.  Fig. is currently working with a client in Washington DC who's created a great set of pinboards to convey the look and feel she desires for her home.  Fig. is able to distill and build upon these ideas despite the geographical distance.

Pinterest certainly doesn't replace in-person meetings or the design process, it's simply a way to quickly and effectively communicate basic ideas.  So, if you aren't already pinning away, check it out and start dreaming!