Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thinking of Spring

 Photo by Fig

Thurman Street is starting to brighten up with it's yearly show of pink blooms, it's sunny one minute and hailing the next, and farmers markets are beginning to pop up around town.  This all means Spring really is on it's way and I'm waiting patiently for summer to soon follow.  While scouring through my food album in iphoto (yes, I do take pictures of my food on a regular basis) I came across the fresh blueberry puffed pancake I made at the end of summer '10 with handpicked Sauvie Island fruit.  Berry picking is one of my favorite Summer activities and I can't wait to head down the St. Helens Highway in a few short months to get another year's supply.  Who's coming with me?


Anonymous said...

Not sure if your question is serious? On the off-chance you'd like company - I'm totally interested! I love berry picking! I grew up in SE Alaska and am still getting used to the idea of having to go to a farm rather than hike in the woods to get my berries. It's all fun either way! Also, Curly cakes are a Sunday tradition in our house! For. Real. I made a honey-cinnamon-butter a few weekends ago and it was by far the best addition yet!!


Fig Studio Interior Design said...

I suppose my question was more of a rhetorical one :) I like to hear that Portlanders are into hunting and gathering their food, especially the typically high-priced berry variety. Good luck with your your culinary adventures!