Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wine Club: Spain

Architects and designers tend to magnetically attach themselves to each other, talk about architecture, the latest Brian Libby post, and how CAD crashed on them at least twice last week.  It's true.  It's like a social security blanket for most of us.  But when one of my architecture buddies suggested we start a wine club, I thought would it really work?  Would we be swishing Cabernet and spitting out Corbu?  With Sebastien and Hope at the helm, our first meeting was truly all about wine.  Not a cad layer in sight.

 Photos by Fig.  Next time I'll remember to bring a real camera.  Phone pics just aren't the same.

I won't pretend to be an expert in this arena.  I've ventured to plenty of NW tasting rooms- swished a few glasses, and declared my allegiance to many Pinot Noirs.  Truthfully, I didn't really know what I was doing.  Our first wine club meeting taught me the art of the taste, how to focus on the wine, and what elements help create it's distinct character.  We focused on Spanish wines, moving from Cavas to rich reds.  Sebastien is our resident expert, and detailed our evening on his blog, Downcellar.  Take a gander at his tasting notes- perhaps it will help inspire your weekend meal.

My husband and I are on tap to host next month's meeting.  We're thinking of profiling an area in South America or perhaps even tackling a region in Italy.  Suggestions are welcome!



Thoughts for the day said...

Oh there is always time for a glass of wine, Italy would be good to feature.
I personally go for the cheap sweet reds, or sometimes a 'merlot' it depends on my mood or the food I am pairing it with.

Sebastien Rake said...

It was great to have you guys over & hear what you thought about the wines. I can't wait to see what you put together (no pressure though). Check out wines from Chile - they have amazing wines and an interesting history.