Monday, April 4, 2011

The Clock Radio Conundrum

They're highly functional, yet highly unsightly:  the ubiquitous clock radio.  My husband and I have  been looking for a beautiful yet functional solution to our multiple alarm needs for as long as we've lived together.  I've been waking up to the "ocean sounds" function on my digital eyesore for over ten years, but over the weekend I had to accept the fact that my ocean sounds now more closely replicate a failing robot.  Our doh! moment hit us when we realized our iphones would make for the perfect replacements.  I know what you're thinking, but it just didn't occur to us until now.  Plus should I really have my work phone next to my sleeping quarters?  I decided it was the best and most compact solution, but it is important to me to have our gadgets thoughtfully displayed to avoid the classic cord tangle next to my pillow.  I've landed on the perfect find for our space: the book dock from Inbook.  It's simple, classic, and beautiful.  Now to decide if I'm more of a To Kill a Mockingbird or Homer's Odyssey.