Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Speaking of Wood...

As I continued to catch up on my Joinery reading, I was pleasantly surprised to see photos of our family's petite rocking chair getting all spruced up.  As oral history accounts, it was made by my Great-Grandfather, used by my Grandfather, Aunt, Cousin, Mother, and me.  The chair is over a Century old and Jeff and I look forward to making it part of our household when we have kids.  Of course, it is made to be used by very small children and is decidedly delicate because of it's age.  When I was about 5, I decided I needed to squeeze into it one last time....you can guess the rest.

It sat in my mom's garage for well over 20 years, slowly and painfully aging in various stages of freeze, thaw, and blistering heat.  You can imagine it's condition when I brought it's shattered remains to the Joinery for help.  I wanted to give my mom a special present for Christmas this year, and I knew this would be well received.  The Joinery took extra special care of our family heirloom and fixed it up to it's rightful condition.  It still has many scratches and dings but that's what makes it ours.  Every blemish tells a story and we're looking forward to adding quite a few more with our children.


Thoughts for the day said...

Isn't that adorable?
Is the big rocker yours too?

I bet your mom was totally thrilled with the gift wow... what a wonderful thing to do.
take care

Fig Studio Interior Design said...

Yes, she was thrilled to receive it. The joinery took these photographs in their workshop in SE Portland and the large rocker is one of their designs.