Friday, January 7, 2011

Glimpse & Gander: Multnomah Falls In Winter

 Photo by Fig.

My first entry in my new journal recorded a short trip to the Gorge on New Year's Day.  My husband and I were not feeling so hot for the last few days and really needed something to help rejuvenate our bodies and spirits.  Our go-to spot for revitalization is the Bonneville Spa in Stevenson, WA.  For $35 you get your own private claw-foot tub, complete with a carafe of mineral water from the source and some grapes to ease the not-so-wonderful-but-oh-so-good-for-you mineral taste.  30 mins in the super hot mineral soak, then 30 mins in a super tight wrap in the relaxation room leaves you with little on your mind and a brand new outlook for the day.

Our usual Gorge outings pass Multnomah Falls with little thought, but on this day we knew we were in for a special treat only seen during an extended cold spell.  Layers of crisp white ice outlined the water's path and and the lagoon-colored pool at the base- a magical sight to behold and not to be missed. 

 Photo by Fig.


Thoughts for the day said...

Beautiful and breath glad you got a time out to refresh and renew your spirits. take care

Leigha said...

Gorgeous! I will be wondering over to the falls next time the air is heavy with a cold spell.