Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hunt & Gather: Journaling

 photo by fig

True, a blog is technically a journal, but when you blog for your business a lot of things you wish you could write about go unsaid.  Enter Le Pen and Le Paper.  I started jotting down a few short notes at the end of each day in my new 5-year diary, gifted by the wonderful guys over at Canoe.  Anything goes when you are writing for yourself, so when that pesky condo neighbor wakes you up at 3am, you can put it down on paper and let it go.  Affirmations are also the perfect way to close the day and put your rambling mind to rest.  

 photo by the ice plant

The best part about this particular diary is the format:  As each year passes, you can see what you were doing on that day exactly one year ago.  See where life takes you and where you've been in an instant.