Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hunt & Gather: The Brooklyn Flea

I somehow managed to completely skip over Saturday in my trip diary, a day that was actually quite eventful and fun.  We journeyed over to Fort Greene, Brooklyn to check out the Brooklyn Flea, a highly recommended stop by many of our friends, including Casey over at KID Collective, who happened to be arriving in the city the day we left!  Be sure to check out NYC through her lens over at her blog.

I love the pattern play the trees created on these old Brownstones.  We both felt that if we were to move to Brooklyn, this felt like a very comfortable neighborhood that reminded us of home.

Portland is seriously lacking in the Flea Market arena, so it was with great anticipation that we dug through each vendor's collection.  You can learn a lot at a place like this- a cooling table is not for sunbathing, for example.  I'm only on season two of Six Feet Under, so you'll have to cut me a break. We agreed before we entered that we could only purchase items that could fit in our suitcase, unless we encountered the deal of the century.  The Fritz Hansen table we so desperately wanted to take home was overpriced, and we really couldn't justify shipping an industrial table home.  So, we ended up with a few lightweight souvenirs from our trip:

Fig Studio Fact:  I collect tea towels.  I have a towel from every trip I've been on in the past 5 years.  My husband has managed cut holes in nearly all of them, but they are still special to me and every time I hang my towels it's a reminder of my love for travel.  This 2011 Buy Local Calendar towel is by the talented Claudia Pearson- you can make your purchase in her Etsy store.

We collected enough vintage press letters to spell Guggenheim, now we need to figure out how we want to display them in our home.  Perhaps mounted on a beautiful wallpaper sample or in on of our terrariums?

My birthday fell on a Monday and the one stop that I could not miss wasn't going to be open for us to celebrate, so we were sure to hit it up Saturday.  The Red Hook Lobster Pound.  I'm pretty much obsessed with seafood, and lobsters aren't exactly an Oregon specialty.  I wanted to try Maine fresh lobster, whole, with all the juices.  We weren't disappointed!  Full flavor with all of the trimmings.

Secret find:  The new Brooklyn Ikea has a free ferry on weekends.  Red Hook to Pier 17 in 20 minutes flat.  What a deal, and what a view!