Thursday, November 25, 2010

Glimpse & Gander: Maharam Design Studio

Our fabulous local Maharam rep, Richelle, hooked us up with an amazing tour of the Maharam Design Studio, located on 5th Ave., just steps from Union Square.  We were so impressed with the kind atmosphere and inspiring projects they have in process...and I know exactly what fabric I'm going to use on my next cafe project. 

 difficult to tell from this photo, but those pieces are actually embroidered!

We were surprised by the intimate size of the design team, and that such sweeping projects and new product offerings came from such a tight group.  Maharam does partner with some of the most cutting edge folks around: Hella Jongerius, Bruce Mau, and Paul Smith to name a few, and they're new products really show a commitment to innovation. 

Maharam is a fourth-generation, family run business.  The office is light, bright, and airy (any creative's dream!).  The head honcho's office is out in the open, with a library fit for a design king.  In fact, anyone in the office is welcome to borrow his books.  He also has a nice collection of bikes I would have liked to take out for a spin.

 Textile Sneak Peeks

Maharam Digital Projects - Full Scale sampling.  " the convergence of art and design, Maharam Digital Projects is an expansive are carefully curated portfolio of digitally printed wall installations."

I have a renewed appreciation for what goes in to launching new textile patterns and weaves.  Maharams studio is the perfect example of what dedication and hard work can bring to designers and the marketplace.