Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hunt and Gather: Heath Ceramics

By Amanda Rickenbach

Heath Ceramics has been handcrafting ceramic tableware that is beautiful, simple and enduring since 1948. Worldwide, Heath's limited production ceramics are treasured for their timeless beauty and functional everyday use.

Heath Ceramics homeware collections allows you to decorate living spaces that are both contemporary and timeless. On their website they describe their tile as "perfectly imperfect" which resonates strongly with me because, in my opinion, "imperfections" bring personality and character to a space. This isn't to say that you will receive chipped tiles, it simply means that each piece has it's own organic and beautiful shape that perfectly compliments other pieces in the collection.

Heath's iconic, mid-century aesthetic extends from intimate home environments, to restaurants, to large-scale public installations. Their traditional hand-glazing techniques "produce a ceramic tile with which endless creative possibilities can be explored."

I've admired Heath's ceramic house numbers for some time now. Pictured above is a celebrated Eames tile; but they also combine clay, kilns and craft with numerical interpretation of Richard Neutra's design legacy. They marry simple, geometric forms and rich glazes in classic, beautiful colors.

All photo's from Heath Ceramics website.