Saturday, April 7, 2012

Concrete Fireplaces

By Amanda Rickenbach & Jenny Guggenheim

We've seen an uptick in requests for concrete used as a finish material-  and for good reason.  When done right, it has a uniquely warm, earthy quality while remaining fresh and modern in contemporary residences.  We particularly love it's use around the hearth:  Low maintenance, trend-proof, and adaptable.

The ones featured above are in ultra modern spaces - but imagine if you brought in some color, interesting textiles, and artwork? Concrete fireplaces are versatile because they are so simplistic. Would you put one in your home?

Concrete work should be done by a skilled professional-  getting that smooth as butter surface is no easy feat!  It can be an investment to sculpt a beautiful hearth, but the results are lasting and complimentary to a variety of architectural styles.

photos from top left: design sponge remodelista, Daniel Hertzell, Renaud De Poorter and Femke HoldrinetMessana O'Rorke's