Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Riad Dixneuf La Ksour

If trip planning is an addiction, consider me off the wagon.  I'm one of those people that loves to have something big to look forward to.  Dinner parties in the backyard, a road trip to the beach, planning a Yurt adventure with friends (this weekend!) all fall under my definition of big.  I am so happy to add one more exciting excursion to my list:  Marrakesh.  Yes, my lifelong dream is going to be realized this coming April, after the Milan Furniture Fair.  I imagine myself winding through the Souk with nothing but a camera in my hand and silver tea sets on my mind.

Marrakesh is probably the most exotic location I've ever had to plan for, so choosing a comfortable and safe place to stay is top priority.  Thanks to trusty Trip Advisor (don't steer me wrong now!) and style authority Remodelista, I discovered Riad Dixneuf and booked a room right away.  I sought out this traditional accommodation as an alternative to traditional Western-style hotels and guest suites in the hopes that I would fully immerse myself into the Moroccan culture and better experience all that Marrakesh has to offer. 

Riad Dixneuf is located in the heart of the Medina, the old quarter, and within a short walk to Djamaa El-f'na Square.  I've learned through extensive research that as a first time visitor, it is critical to reserve a place of peace and refuge.  The Medina can be overwhelming to say the least, and a quiet retreat is essential to center yourself after a long day of winding through the city and dodging motorbikes.  Rome it is not.  Riad Dixneuf's design is exactly that:  peaceful, calm, and simple.  It seems very organic, and calmly authentic.  I viewed other accommodations that definitely reflected Moroccan sensibilities, but were overwhelmingly decorated with a clear emphasis on color.  There is something so great about a white wall, and Riad Dixneuf knows exactly how to use it. 

The central courtyard is surrounded by a mix of shared spaces and guest rooms.  I'm particularly attracted to their cozy library and lounge space, which seems perfectly suited to sipping mint tea.  Again, not shrouded in every Moroccan texture available in the Souk, but a perfect mix of organic and well- combined materials that definitely reflect my goal of finding a peaceful retreat. 

I'll be happy to report my findings upon my return-  until then, I'll be reading the Marrakesh archives over at Beers and Beans and practicing the art of the bargaining at my local thrift shop- they'll lower my price for the promise of a stick of gum, right? 

All images are via Riad Dixneuf's booking site.  Layout is by Fig Studio.


Brigittebourger said...
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Brigittebourger said...

Hello Jennifer,

Thank you so much for choosing us for your next trip in Morocco.
I am sure that you will enjoy Marrakech, the riad and specially its team.
Kindest regards.