Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nori Morimoto :: Music Stand

I'd love to see this modern music stand in multiples, perhaps lining the wall of a den, or on an elevated surface.  A true piece of art.

From the Artist, Nori Morimoto
Working in my studio among the roaring sounds of heavy machinery from dawn to dusk, I struggle and search for form amidst the sawdust and cuttings. I scream to the mountains and only hear myself in return as my voice rocks of the night-black wall of trees and petrified sediment that are the brook’s banks. I look at my fingers, cracked, splitting, chipped and bleeding, much like the wood that yields to them. Each piece of wood is unique—like a person—a masterpiece of character. Every day I discover something extraordinary about each piece. Sometimes it leads to disappointment, but this only encourages me to continue searching.
Fig is always looking for objects with soul.  When you learn to look beyond the surface, you'll see how that wood bends, how that joint stays together, and how that piece ended up in your living room.