Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sea Cider Farm

We didn't have a car or a bus schedule, but we still managed to make our way to the somewhat rural Sea Cider Farm on the Northwest side of Victoria Island, BC before the sun set on our vacation. I'm a huge cider fan and have brewed my own concoctions for the past three years. Guggenheim wedding cider was well received at our big event and I hope to make another excellent batch this Fall.

A beacon at the end of our long journey, the farm sit perched atop a hill overlooking the sea. A young orchard lined the road leading up to the tasting room and amazing outdoor deck.

We chose to sample the long flight of 9 organic ciders along with the cheese plate for two. The impressive array of colors, from dark amber to crisp straw, gave me plenty ideas for my fall batch. Brewing cider is an art, and there is no wrong way to reach your final product. Sea Cider Farm experiments with old Tennessee whiskey barrels, pear varieties, and yeast options.

I can imagine a beautiful reception in this tasting room...

...maybe for a future anniversary