Tuesday, September 8, 2009

15 'till 22

We're patiently waiting to get on that plane.  15 days until an amazing 22 days in Europe.  We believe that experiencing other cultures and visiting those places we've admired in our glossy magazines is the only way to truly experience design and space.  Think of it as continuing education.  Our itinerary includes large, small, and mid-sized cities, all with their own unique culture and pace.

Before Jeff and I got married, I told him that I was in fact George Bailey.  I wanted to see the world, experience new places and languages, and make a difference with design.  I may not want to build skyscrapers and bridges, but, in my own little way, make an impact with the knowledge I have...help guide people toward responsible choices and good design.  Step by step, I'm reaching my goals and in 15 days I'll have met one more. 

You can experience our trip with us via Fig Studio.  We'll post photos and stories from our adventure in nearly real time, so be sure to stay with us!