Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hella Jongerius

By Amanda Rickenbach

Holland would be nearly completely under water if it weren't for the ingenious invention of polders and dikes in the 12th century. Is 65% nearly completely? Maybe not, but it's a pretty high percentage. This incredible engineering feat reflects the adage "God created the world, the Dutch created Holland." To this day the Dutch continue to reclaim land from the rivers and the sea using a complex system of dykes and drainage canals. 
"Hella Jongerius's 2005 Polder Sofa for Vitra references the geographic makeup of her homeland in both name and design. Its elongated horizontal lines, low-lying form, and asymmetry echo the patchwork of the Dutch landscape and create visual interest from every viewable angle."  Each section of the sofa is defined by it's own unique fabric, color, and proportion. Decorative buttons made of natural materials like bone and mother-of-pearl create another level of dimension and character. 

The Polder Sofa is available in a variety of sizes and several colors of either leather or fabric. The pictured sofa by Jongerius was created with Maharam Polder for Vitra. The textiles include mohair velvet and two scales of checked wool. This sofa is a fun mixture of geometry, texture, and comfort. I personally love the checked wool cushion and think that the inspiration behind the design is unique and fabulous. 
Photos: Maharam