Monday, June 18, 2012

Hunt and Gather: Huddleson Linens

By Amanda Rickenbach

Established in Los Angeles in 2011 Huddleson Linens creates tablecloths, table runners, placemats and napkins that are printed with artistic and timeless designs. Their prints are designed specifically for the table and are brought to life by using hand painted art work. Looking at the images one can sense that handmade quality and see the original brush strokes.

Much of their linen comes from Italy, where textile weaving has been an art and a science handed down through generations. The fabric is resilient, beautiful and can easily become a piece that you hand down to future generations

The founder, Tim Gledhill, very sweetly wrote this about the dining table:

"The dining table holds a special place in our lives – a place to come together; to meet, nourish, converse, celebrate and console.  A place for first dates and last suppers.  Throughout the ages table linens have been a central part of everyday life as well as the greatest celebrations.  From biblical dinners and Roman banquets; through the Renaissance paintings of the Dutch masters, with groaning tables and fine tablecloths; to Dick Whittington, who began an epic rags-to-riches journey with nothing but a few belongings bundled into a napkin.
Sometimes, in the present day, we forget that every meal can – and should – be a special occasion.  We should remember."

Doesn't that inspire you to create wonderful meals and start using beautiful table linen at every meal? Even a simple cloth napkin?