Thursday, August 4, 2011

Out and About: Rolling Huts

Continuing our tradition of surprise travel, Jeff and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary a few weekends back in the beautiful Methow (met-how) Valley, Washington.  After running myself ragged trying to work full-time, move from our condo to a little cottage in Portland's Sabin neighborhood, and take on a few DIY projects, I managed to catch a nasty bug right before we left town.  If you remember last years epic anniversary trip to a rural fire lookout, you might recall that I was struck with food poisoning just before departure.  Here's to a healthy July 2012.

 Jeff and I made a pact to alternate planning a surprise celebratory trip each July.  Last year's fire lookout + Crater Lake Lodge combo was tough to beat, but I think I managed to pull off a grand surprise.  We're both architecture geeks (and Jeff is just one test away from being awarded official Architect status!) so I decided to make our trip both design and adventure friendly.  Sunset Magazine had an integral hand in my scheme, enticing me with their December 2010 feature on peaceful winter getaways.  I knew the Rolling Huts would make for the perfect surprise trip, even during the summer months. 

A night in the Rolling Huts is like upscale camping, complete with a Danish-designed woodburning fireplace and an epic view, both night and day.  I don't think I've seen so many stars in my life.  We lucked out with incredible weather, friendly hut neighbors, and many wildlife sightings.  We spent a lot of time wandering,  hanging at Twisp's natural market, eating Cinnamon Twips, and even managed an 18 mile (what seemed ALL uphill) mountain bike ride.

We really couldn't have asked for a better weekend (with the exception of the super cough I developed) and would recommend the trip to anyone interested in getting away for a few days.  If you go, be sure to grab a meal at the Wesola Polana Diner adjacent to the huts.  Their tapas can't be beat.  It's true, we had tapas while camping and didn't feel the least bit guilty.