Thursday, August 19, 2010

Glimpse & Gander: Heath Sausalito

Photos by Fig

Anyone with an ounce of love for Heath Ceramics knows that you can't complete a trip to San Francisco without taking a detour to beautiful Sausilito and the historic Heath factory.  Though my schedule didn't align with the weekend factory tour, I managed a peek into the production room and saw the craftspeople hard at work, perfecting their beautifully simple products.  The mug that holds my morning Oolong was made by hand in that room!  How great is that?  I love that this place is so easygoing and freespirited.  I love that their signage isn't made from fancy materials and that they've maintained such an approachable facade.  I'm committed to Heath for life and look forward to passing my collection down to the next generation of Guggenheims.