Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hunt & Gather: Ofuro Inspired Tubs

 Space planning a compact room is almost always challenging, particularly when you're designing a new space for an older home with little opportunity to expand.  Fig Studio is currently working on rehabbing an existing bathroom in a 1920's bungalow situated on Grant Park in NE Portland.  Floor space is at a premium, but it is important for the client to have the option to bathe and soak.  The solution?  A Japanese Ofuro inspired soaking tub.  It offers the bather full immersion, without requiring the floor space of a traditional tub.  This style of bathing, in fact, will allow the user to comfortably sit and read while relaxing the muscles in the back and shoulders and releasing the traditional pressure points experienced when bathing in a standard tub.

Employing creative solutions is the key to success on a challenging project.  We strive to abandon standard school of thought when faced with an unusual space, complex programming, or small footprints.  One-size-fits all doesn't apply to interior design, it's all about adapting new solutions for individual clients.

L to R: Caruso Round, Julien by Troy Adams, and William Garvey teak


Jeff said...

I love the wood one!

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