Monday, April 12, 2010

Urban Backwoods

Our current project cannot yet be referenced by name, but rest assured, Portland's Pearl District isn't going to know what hit it when this family-run legacy moseys into town.  It will serve as a cozy second living room in this decidedly glassy and somewhat sterile NW Pdx neighborhood.  A meeting point for friends, a place to finally write that novel, or just grab a fine cup of coffee to go; we can't wait to get this project underway.

Our goal is to join two distinct regional aesthetics into one holistic genre all it's own: 
Urban Backwoods.  Taking cues from Portland's logging history and our client's developed branding, we chose essential elements to create a functional, beautiful, and finely detailed environment.

 Essential Elements
1.  Vintage industrial cage lighting
2.  Real Wood.  How can you have backwoods without some of nature's finest?
3.   Klein Tools canvas bag does double duty as a newspaper caddy
4.  Thonet.  Classic.
5.  Simple dowel chair serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose
6.  Locally and skillfully crafted goods
7.  Artfully arranged mounts
8.  Antique coffee mills and related equipment
9.  A roaring fire is essential during Portland's long winters

We will be sure to keep you updated on our progress!