Friday, March 26, 2010

Salt is the new Sauna

I am lucky to live in a city where I can pretty much walk to everything Downtown and NW pdx have to offer.  We regularly pickup our groceries for the week after a stroll to Stumptown or catch a second-run movie at the Mission Theater.  I even walk to Barre 3 where I get my tri-weekly dose of uber-fitness.  Recently, a new addition to the neighborhood peaked my interest (and frankly, my skepticism): The Salt Grotto

 "Salt Grotto is the first artificial salt cave on the West Coast of the United States offering a modern method of health enhancement - the Halotherapy" -

The design evokes a feeling of warmth (let's face it, that week-long Portland forecast makes you want to by an 8-hour pass) and relaxation.  I am particularly interested to see how the atmosphere affects mood and if visitor really feel like they've escaped the city for the day. 

The website claims that one session at the Salt Grotto is equal to three days at the beach.  If it works, I'm game!

To my readers:  have any of you visited The Salt Grotto of someplace like it?