Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Design Has Value

I really appreciated Business Week's recent article highlighting the value of design in business and thought its relevance to what we do here at Fig Studio was striking.  Though the article focuses mostly on product and brand identity, the fact is that creating and designing an environment must not be an afterthought for you or your business.  Your environment acts as a definition for who you are and what you represent.

Your home, for example, should be a reflection of the person it houses, not merely a host for trends and off-the-shelf bargains.  A well designed space produced by a professionally trained designer has value beyond service fees and contract prices.  A good designer will get to know your personality, habits and will map how you use your space before setting ink to paper.  Design is not just about choosing a great table lamp or digest-worthy area rugs, it's about creating the best solution for an individual's needs and revealing a space that reflects the client's lifestyle and individuality.

Though I often work in concept to exercise my creative skills, my true passion is working directly with clients and acting as a guide toward their greater goals.  There is nothing better than producing a space that elevates your client's spirit and daily outlook!