Friday, January 22, 2010

Project Completion Tour

Yesterday I had the chance to visit PCC: Willow Creek with my former colleagues and design team at GBD Architects, Inc.  I'd say the project was a great success and sets new precedent for our local community college.  My role included space planning, finish selection, and interior detail development.  Hopefully we'll have access to some professional photos in the near future, but mine will have to do for now.  Enjoy!

PCC: Willow Creek

Ground Floor Circulation

Main Circulation Spine

Vertical Circulation

The blue canopies call out classrooms and PCC offices

Lighting design by Benya

A pop of playfulness with Maharam wallcovering.  This is a perfect example of standard fixtures required by public institutions.  In order to keep streamlined maintenance, all fixtured must be uniform, thus, the dispenser mounted on the concrete wall.  Sometimes the designer just can't control everything!

We are shooting for LEED Platinum!

Terra Cotta Rain Screen

These sculptures actually rise and fall in correspondence with the property's water cistern.  They serve as a great educational element.

PCC: Willow Creek Completed January 2010