Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Smooth Bread Box

My obsession with making my own bread has been a fun journey in experimentation and frugality.  Let's face it, good bread is spendy, and at 6 bucks a loaf is hard to swallow.  We received a bread maker as a wedding gift and I've never looked back.  The elusive rustic loaf will someday find it's way to my new bread box,  a smooth design from Britain's Joseph Joseph.

The lid doubles as a cutting board, perfectly sized for my 2 pound loaves.  I originally spotted this perfect box in Brussels, but couldn't justify lugging it around on the rest of our European adventure.  My husband locked this to memory and ordered it for my birthday present!  It fits perfectly on our kitchen cart alongside our herbs and fruit.

Now that you've got homemade bread on the mind, head over to Fu Cheese and check out my friend Amanda's obsession!


Nancy said...

Thanks just inspired me to make some cheese by supplying the link ti Fu Cheese. We got some sourdough starter in San Fran last bread and cheese are on the week-end to-do list!

amanda said...

Thanks Jenny! Damn. I need to make more bread... perhaps if I had a cute little breadbox.... :)