Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Sunny Day in Versailles

We've lucked out on this trip and have had 10 straight days of sun.  We took the Paris Metro out to Versailles to see some of the incredible interiors we'd only seen in books.  I'll admit that the crowds were a bit overwhelming, but we were able to view all of the best spaces in the Palace. 

We arrived in the morning and caught the bright reflection off of the Palace's gold leaf facade

I was lucky to only catch a few visitor's reflections in The Hall of Mirrors.   The room was packed with people from all over the world.

The most enjoyable part of our visit included a long walk out to Marie Antoinette's private oasis.  She created a sort of fantasy land that reflected the look of her native Austria.  In a strange way, I would liken it to Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch.   It was a  place where she wasn't restricted to daily palace regimine and could just be carefree and young.

The Grotto and Music Room

Collection of thatch-roofed buildings on Marie Antoinette's estate.

Pumpkin Harvest