Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Place Called Fay

Our semi-destination wedding required just about everyone to travel some distance, including yours truly and the bridal party. I searched for accommodations well in advance, knowing I did not want to get ready in a cramped hotel room. A good friend of mine suggested checking out a local rental source called Lavabelles, a company specializing in unique rental properties around Central Oregon. It was love at first sight. A little place called Fay had everything I wanted and more.

Pantone chairs? Check. Vintage fabulous lamps? Check. Mod outdoor fireplace and pool house? Most definitely. The house allowed a few members of our wedding party to stay with us and enjoy some down time before the pace of the weekend began to increase.

Images by Guru Khalsa

I would suggests all brides carefully consider where they're preparing themselves the morning of their event, particularly if you are bringing in makeup artists and hairstylists for their bridal party. Having extra elbow room or a great outdoor space is incredibly valuable during this period of the day. Seriously.


Scott and Heather said...

This is a great photo of Jeff. I wonder what Scott is thinking?