Friday, March 20, 2009

Paper Craft: How $.99 Can Make a Big Impact

Fig Studio takes pride in it's Macguyver side, and we're always looking for ways to take everyday objects to their full potential. Don't underestimate the power of tissue paper. Did you know that you can take a $.99 pack of wrapping tissue and make it into incredible hanging artwork? These brides used this simple tissue paper pom craft to make a big impact at their event.

Instructions to make paper poms can be found at


Jess said...

these paper poms are an excellent and surprisingly affordable design idea! what would you say about their long-term use? beyond a single event, do you think they'd be able to withstand the test of time, if one were to keep them as a permanent fixture at home?

Jenny said...

Yes, in fact, I have a few hanging above my bed. These are great inexpensive ways to add style to your home and are completely recyclable once you are finished with them. If you are concerned about dust, I would recommend replacing them every six months. Wouldn't it be cool to try this craft using old sheet music or vintage newspapers?

Jess said...

Sheet music or newspapers?!? Now, you're talking! I love how the reinterpretation of old materials can create added meaning...and ultimately more value--personal, social and otherwise.